Dont’ install StyleCope 4.3, StyleCope 4.4 avaliable now

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] StyleCope  4.4 available now on for visual studio 2010 on  Codeplex, you can download it from here download for pepole that

Why and how to clear TFS client cache?

**** Update on February, 9, 2013 ***** Sometimes there are errors like “Cannot find team project” or you can’t create a project because duplicate name  despite

Can’t create new build definition in TFS 2010

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] When I start create my first build definition for Team project I face the following error, TF225001: Creating a build definition

Error TF218017 when you Creating New Team Project TFS2010

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Today I start create a new Team project on my new TFS 2010 and I face the following error. TF218017: A

Free Microsoft Licenses programs

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Microsoft announced two free license programs , for individual or companies with less 10 employees  you can get this program, to

Multiple web.config with ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2010

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] No need to change your code multiple times to configure your code for different staging, now you can add multiple web.config

umbraco database structure

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] To understand the DB we will assume a scenario that we create CMS project for Training Center that provide training in

Encryption and Security, Get me inside

[youtube=] I go deep inside the encryption by providing simple example and online tools that help you understand what are the security mechanisms, remember this

Adapter Pattern

Adapter pattern Convert the interface of a class into another interface clients expect.
Adapter lets classes work together that couldn’t otherwise because of incompatible interfaces.
Also known as Wrapper

Why using Interface

[youtube=] [tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Using interface add flexibility and power to your design it solves the hard equation how to make the classes cohesion