Dont’ install StyleCope 4.3, StyleCope 4.4 avaliable now

StyleCope  4.4 available now on for visual studio 2010 on  Codeplex, you can download it from here download for pepole that don’t know styleCope StyleCop

Why and how to clear TFS client cache?

**** Update on February, 9, 2013 ***** Sometimes there are errors like “Cannot find team project” or you can’t create a project because duplicate name  despite

Can’t create new build definition in TFS 2010

When I start create my first build definition for Team project I face the following error, TF225001: Creating a build definition requires a build controller

Error TF218017 when you Creating New Team Project TFS2010

Today I start create a new Team project on my new TFS 2010 and I face the following error. TF218017: A SharePoint site could not

Free Microsoft Licenses programs

Microsoft announced two free license programs , for individual or companies with less 10 employees  you can get this program, to help companies and individuals

Multiple web.config with ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2010

No need to change your code multiple times to configure your code for different staging, now you can add multiple web.config files.

umbraco database structure

To understand the DB we will assume a scenario that we create CMS project for Training Center that provide training in ASP.NET, C#, etc.We will

Encryption and Security, Get me inside

[youtube=] I go deep inside the encryption by providing simple example and online tools that help you understand what are the security mechanisms, remember this

Adapter Pattern

Adapter pattern Convert the interface of a class into another interface clients expect.
Adapter lets classes work together that couldn’t otherwise because of incompatible interfaces.
Also known as Wrapper

Why using Interface

[youtube=] Using interface add flexibility and power to your design it solves the hard equation how to make the classes cohesion and lose coupling? ,