Why and how to clear TFS client cache?

**** Update on February, 9, 2013 *****

Sometimes there are errors like “Cannot find team project” or you can’t create a project because duplicate name  despite of you don’t have one or you are not connected to that one that have this project, so all you have to do just clear the cache example of the error that could occur the following error


For example I clear my cache from the following path

For Visual Studio cache:

Run from Window Run


Or open the following path

C:UsersMRadwanLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftTeam Foundation5.0Cache

This will cause your client Tool  to download a fresh copy of the cache the next time it deals with the server, and everything  will going well.

We can also force a rebuild of the cache on each client computer the next time it connects to a team project collection by using the

witadmin rebuildcache 

 For MTM cache


For server cache

Run from Window Run


Or open the following path

C:ProgramDataMicrosoftTeam FoundationWeb Access

Sometimes also you need to clear the following path

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Team Foundation Server 12.0Application TierWeb Services_tfs_data

Delete the cache files and to make sure we have refreshed everything, we can reset the IIS.


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