DiscountASP.NET Launches SaaS Solution for TFS 2010

You can check the following link for more information

How to recreate the Data warehosue and the Analysis service for TFS?

2 days ago I have a problem seeing my reports on the TFS and after the invistigation I solve part of the problem which is

Code coverage with Team build and MVC or any web application

I just need to create a code coverage and display it with the team build but I face a problem when I follow the normal

Don’t let your path exced 260 character with Team build

Today when I building my project on our team build server I face the following problem “Cannot evaluate the item metadata “%(FullPath)”  the error because

How to prevent some files from committed to the source control?

I will show another small tip which prevent file from committed to the source control or TFS 2010, I will  prevent the generated minifiy file

How to exclude file from the Source Control?

I will show a small tip of how to exclude a file from TFS 2010 or exclude file from source control, please see the following

How to change the souce control?

I will show another small tip which will change the source control, just click the project that doesn’t has binding info and then click on

2-Why and How to use IBuildDetailes and BuildDefinition?

Hi, In this episode I will talk about why and how to use IBuildDetailes and buildDefination object to get valuable information throught the build, this

Auto Deploy your Website for QA with Team Build

I need to Deploy the website to the QA machine with team build so I search for how to do that and I found very

Using Microsoft Ajax Minifier with team build

2 weeks ago I had a problem with Microsoft Ajax Minifier on Team Build 2010 because my file doesn’t’ minify, and I post 3 posts