Auto Deploy your Website for QA with Team Build

I need to Deploy the website to the QA machine with team build so I search for how to do that and I found very good article of Ewald Hofman which describe how you auto deploy your website and it’s very good post, but there  is 2 issues I faced when I implement this example

First Issue:

The Package folder that auto generated doesn’t generated on the Team build, the reason was very easy, because I don’t have Visual Studio installed on the Server machine, so by Installing the visual studio everything is now working and the generated package folder now exist.

Second Issue:

How to deploy the project to another machine, so you have to write the post build as the following

if “$(ConfigurationName)” == “Test” “$(TargetDir)_PublishedWebsitesMyProject_PackageMyProject.deploy.cmd” /Y /M:YourServerName/u:YourUserName /p:YourPassword

For more information with how to make package and deploy it using MSDeploy click-here

You have to see Ewald Hofman post because my post depend on it, because I didn’t want to repeat any examples

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