Caching static files, js files, CSS and images in IIS 7

I will show how to configure IIS 7 to enable caching of scripts, CSSĀ  and all other static files that will not change everyday Select

Yield return, what does it mean?

Yield return, it’s a very strong keyword, all the LINQ to object use it when we use foreach or yield return. It is used to

LINQ basics

Obtain the data sources(s) Create the query Declare variable var query = the following From variable Name in obtained data Source //Declaration Where variable name.

Best Configuration of ReSharper for me

This configuration what I need to do with ReSharper after clean installation, it may fit with anyone else like me who has the same considerations

How to pass function by name variable not by body to JQuery?

It is a very small tip but the final comments are very important and it just here for fast remember, the story begin when I