TFS 2010 Enterprise Video Guide

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Today I publish my guide about TFS 2010 Enterprise Installation and Configuration Video Guide, this guide include about 93 videos that

What really make DevMagicFake is a Valuable Framework???

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] There are 2 main points that make DevMagicFake really a valuable framework It came and used in real life Enterprise Solutions It

DevMagicFake become very easy by using Repository Pattern

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] One of the best pattern I used is Repository Pattern, for more information see this link, it helps me to apply

Did you really need DevMagicFake ????

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Till now I didn’t get the feedback that I expected from publishing my project DevMagicFake on CodePlex, I believe that DevMagicFake will really make different change of the programming life style,

DevMagicFake Code Snippet now available

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] I just create 2 snippets not only for DevMagicFake but for any faking code that may I write throughout the project

New configuration API for DevMagicFake

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] I create a new way for configuring DevMagicFake using fluent interface instead of the Configuration file but the framework still support

New Feature to generate test data with fluent API in DevMagicFake

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Hello, I received very good suggestions and feedback from Maatren Balliauw, really thanks Maarten for your valuable opinions and ideas  🙂 the most important suggestion was about

Style cop for Resharper plugin

This is the link of the style cop plugin for Resharper One of my best and favorite tool

I decide to create a category of links

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] I decide to create a category of links, I will post links that I like, or that have a good knowledge, etc.

Copy comments from base in Resharper

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] I used to use a very slickly feature of Resharper which is copy comments from base (class or interface), anyone knows me will