Automated appraisal from the TFS

From a few days ago my manager request me to create appraisal for my team, this appraisal has many factors like code quality, quantity of

Flexibility and exception, it is not the main scenario !!

Most of people around me think that I am a person that is very sharp and not flexible at all, but actually this is not

Good posts that need to remember

I read very good posts for coding horror and it’s awesome, so  I decide to just mark it to be remembered. Playing poker, on how

MVP design pattern for Web application vs. MVC, with Example

I start reading about MVP design pattern in web application and I found it very useful, but I get out of one main important concept,

The Relational Algebra of Ramez Elmasri as MSSQL 2008 DB

******Updated August 2012 ********* I used this post as DB SQL Kata, it’s really perfect for this purpose, just give it a try to finish all these queries in

Create a localized version of DisplayName attribute for MVC

As most of my followers know I am now working on MVC Enterprise project and when the time come to start refactoring my team code