LabCenter can’t feel the SCVMM as it’s not configured

Finally after completing my infrastructure and start to use it, when I access the Lab center it doesn’t work and give me a gray message that

Configure TFS 2010 Alert using Local SMTP that use Gmail account

When I start the task of configuring TFS Alert I found very good article on how to configure this alert using the Gmail, see the

Working with Daynamic memrory in Hyper-V

First this feature included in the Windows 2008 R2 SP1 We have to install integration service for each VM on the Hyper-V after we install

Installing Office web app 2010 to work with TFS 2010

I install the office web app 2010 and configure it so anyone can open word and excel file from the browser I follow this guid

Converting My Physical Domain controller to a Virtual machine P2V

One of the strongest feature in SCVMM is the ability to convert from physical machine to virtual machine and this what they called P2V. When

Workflow integration and Testing capabilities of lab management

What is the workflow integration and testing capabilities?  This is what Build Agent, Lab Agent and Test Agent will provide The workflow integration: It refer

Lab Environment Viewer (LEViewer.EXE)

  LEViewer is an application that enable developer or anyone else to open environment snapshot, so the Tester can take a snapshot of the environment

Complete the virtual machine after you create your environment in Lab Management

After I create the enviroment Join any machine to the domain Add TFSLAB as local admin for all machine that has build agent (becaue Builg

How to create template on the SCVMM to be used with creating virtual environment on Lab Management?

Updated on April 17, 2012 You can see the full video series (93 videos) of install and configure TFS 2010 in enterprise, see the guide

Important update for Lab Management 2010

There is important update for Lab Management 2010, that fix many problems Download : This update contains fixes and updates to the Lab Management functionality to