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Updated on April 17, 2012

You can see the full video series (93 videos) of install and configure TFS 2010 in enterprise, see the guide on the Codeplex

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What is Lab Management ?

Lab Management is a new Tool in ALM 2010 that provide you with the ability to:

  • Manage Physical or virtual environments for your test team or QA:

Because as a  tester you have a group of physical or virtual machines that you will use them to run your test, so how you will manage this machines? Remote desktop or physical management….? it will be very hard, but with Lab Management the life is easier

  • You can prepare a complex test environment in a few minutes with everything configured:

You can create complex virtual environment in a few minutes, for example you can create  5 machines 3 of them has Window 2008 R2 and the one has Windows 7 Ultimate and the other has Windows Vista, you create all this machines  from templates or virtual machines that stored in the library on the SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) in just a few minutes

  • Run manual or automated test on this environments and collect valuable info when bug happen:

When you run an automated test or even a manual test you need to collect important data like capture the screen error, record the error video or even collect the Event log info and many other important info from the machine that host the bug.

  • Collecting valuable info:

You will not collecting just screen capture or video capture or even event log only, you can capture the whole environment (snapshot with Hyper-V) and it will attached automatically to the test result so the developer can open this snapshot and work on the machine that host the bug (No more it’s working on my machine)

  • There are many other things we will talk throughout the series
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