How to create template on the SCVMM to be used with creating virtual environment on Lab Management?

Updated on April 17, 2012

You can see the full video series (93 videos) of install and configure TFS 2010 in enterprise, see the guide on the Codeplex

End of April 17, 2012 update 



First of all you can create the template with auto tool which existing at the following links:

But I prefer to describe the manual process so we can imagine what happen there, so what are the steps?

  • Install OS and SP  and any needed components
  •  Install the Test Agent ( and don’t configure)
  • Install the Lab Agent  ( no configuration needed)
  • Install the build Agent (and don’t configure)
  •  Because I didn’t use DHCP in my domain so I make a static IP for the DNS on virtual machine, this IP point to my domain so when I create a new environment I can join the domain automatically while creating the environment
  • I also Enable Win 2008 R2 feature which is (.NET Framework 3.5) because Build Agent will need it.
  • I fix the date and time because Egypt now changed 🙂 the summar time, no longer change

After I create the environment I make the following, just for reminding

  • Configure Test Agent for client machine as interactive process with TFSLAB account
  • Add TFSBUILD account to the Administrators local group account for any virtual machine that will has build
  • Configure Build Agent using TFSBUILD account (no needed any more, see this post click here)
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