Process the TFS Data Warehouse and Analysis Service manually

This is a very trivial post but just to remember,

  • Open the WarehouseControlService.asmx locally on the TFS machine App tire
  • Click ProcessWarehouse and then click Invoke
  • The service returns True when it successfully starts the processing of the warehouse and False if it is not successful.
  • GetProcessingStatus, and then click Invoke


  • Warehouse processing is completed when the GetProcessingStatus service returns a value of Idle for the following jobs:
    •     Build Warehouse Sync
    •     Common Structures Warehouse Sync
    •     Test Management Warehouse Sync
    •     Version Control Warehouse Sync
    •     Work Item Tracking Warehouse Sync

After that process the Analysis Service

The same steps but for the Analysis Service

For more information see the following link: click here

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