DevMagicFake step by step tutorial

Here, we can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to use DevMagicFake DevMagicFake mainly created to work with ASP MVC to help implementing TDD (Test Driven Development),

Introduction to Dev Magic Fake framework presentation

Hear is the first presentation of Dev Magic Fake, I will introduce Dev Magic Fake to all team members of Ocean Soft, actually we working on Enterprise project and

Dev Magic Fake Video tutorial

The following tutorial for a very simple scenario, Dev Magic Fake produced to provide complex scenarios, but this tutorial just a beginning and introduction in how

The reasons of creating and naming Dev Magic Fake

The main reason for creating this framework are my team members and my managers, because if I told any developer of my team members that

Dev Magic Fake Released on CodePlex

Finally I released the beta version of Dev Magic Fake framework, Dev Magic Fake framework is an open source project that provide faking activity so