Style cop for Resharper plugin

This is the link of the style cop plugin for Resharper One of my best and favorite tool

I decide to create a category of links

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] I decide to create a category of links, I will post links that I like, or that have a good knowledge, etc.

Copy comments from base in Resharper

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] I used to use a very slickly feature of Resharper which is copy comments from base (class or interface), anyone knows me will

How to effectively debug Expression Tree?

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] First this is a very small tip and the reason for creating it because it took me time to reach where

Unobtrusive JavaScript and Ajax in MVC 3

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] In the previous release of the ASP.NET MVC which is (MVC 2) I didn’t like the Ajax usage, like Ajax action link and

DevMagicFake Published on NuGet

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Now you can install DevMagicFake from NuGet server To install the package you just open tool-> Library Package Manager->Package Manager Console

Extension Methods for IEnumerable of T and Custom Collection

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Custom Collection one of the best design pattern I have ever used. It encapsulates items or array of items inside a seperate

Lambda Expression, Func and Action delegates

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] Finally I decide to post this topic, every time I said it’s not needed because it’s very simple topic, but I always

Solve the MVC 3 Shortcut conflict with MVC 2 on Visual Studio 2010

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] When we install MVC 3 on Visual Studio 2010, the shortcut for MVC 3 didn’t work and this because all shortcut

Create a shortcut in Visual Studio to add interface video

[tweetmeme source=”mradwan06” only_single=false] When I try to find a shortcut to add interface to my project, I didn’t find, this was very weird to me because