Solve the MVC 3 Shortcut conflict with MVC 2 on Visual Studio 2010

When we install MVC 3 on Visual Studio 2010, the shortcut for MVC 3 didn’t work and this because all shortcut are associated with MVC 2, we can solve this issue by many ways,

We can open–>Tool–>Option–>Enviroment–>Keyboard

Start search for the following items, and we will found each one has 2 items, so we will associate shortcut to the item that didn’t has:

  • ProjectandSolutionContextMenus.Project.Add.Controller Ctrl+M, Ctrl+C
  • ProjectandSolutionContextMenus.Project.Add.Area     Ctrl+M, Ctrl+A
  • EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.AddView     Ctrl+M, Ctrl+V
  • OtherContextMenus.ASPXcontext.GoToController    Ctrl+M, Ctrl+G
  • Project.AddClass     SHIFT+ALT+C

We can also make another solution by removing MVC 2 Tool from Add Remove Program but this will make any existing MVC 2 application not be able to work, if you remove it by mistake you can install this tool again from VS2010 DVD, the tool name is VS2010ToolsMVC2.msi and can be fond  under WCUASPNETMVC

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