DevMagicFake Published on NuGet

Now you can install DevMagicFake from NuGet server

DevMagicFake on NuGet website

To install the package you just open tool-> Library Package Manager->Package Manager Console as the following:

Open NuGet Console

Now in the NuGet Package Manager console write the following

PM>Install-Package DevMagicFake -Project MyMVCProject

This will install DevMagicFake Library and add reference to it in your MVC project, this also will add the configuration file needed in the web.config

You can install it by another way, right click on the project you want to install the library to, choose Manage NuGet Packages, the NuGet Management window will appear, just search for DevMagicFake and install it

Open NuGet Manage Packages

Manage NuGet Packages

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