What really make DevMagicFake is a Valuable Framework???

There are 2 main points that make DevMagicFake really a valuable framework It came and used in real life Enterprise Solutions It developed using TDD for

DevMagicFake become very easy by using Repository Pattern

One of the best pattern I used is Repository Pattern, for more information see this link, it helps me to apply the PI of the

Did you really need DevMagicFake ????

Till now I didn’t get the feedback that I expected from publishing my project DevMagicFake on CodePlex, I believe that DevMagicFake will really make different change of the programming life style, quality and productivity for software development.

DevMagicFake Code Snippet now available

I just create 2 snippets not only for DevMagicFake but for any faking code that may I write throughout the project life cycle, I also

New configuration API for DevMagicFake

I create a new way for configuring DevMagicFake using fluent interface instead of the Configuration file but the framework still support the file configuration and

New Feature to generate test data with fluent API in DevMagicFake

Hello, I received very good suggestions and feedback from Maatren Balliauw, really thanks Maarten for your valuable opinions and ideas  🙂 the most important suggestion was about making a fluent interface for my framework (DevMagicFake),