DevMagicFake Code Snippet now available

I just create 2 snippets not only for DevMagicFake but for any faking code that may I write throughout the project life cycle, I also will add rule to my development rules guidance that it’s prohibited to write any faking code outside the faking area, this will allow us to track back all faking code.

There is also a workaround snippet that will surround all workarounds that approved as workarounds and they have reference to the issue that recorded on the issue system, it will be add also to my rules guidance as well.

At any point of time you can look at technology depts as workarounds and surround it with workaround snippet to be re-factor and paid later in the nearest chance, we can download the snippet installer (msi)  just go to the CodePlex download page and download it for click on the following link: download

[sourcecode language=”csharp”]
// Begin Faking
// My fake code here
// End Faking
[sourcecode language=”csharp”]
// Begin workaround
// My workaround here
// End workaround

To make these snippets effective we will need to add 2 task tokens to the task list in Visual Studio as the following:

Now we can go to any faking or workaround code,  and we are sure that all our debts are recorded in a manner that we can very easily and quickly track them back 🙂

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