New feature in Visual Studio 11 Preview Microsoft Feedback Manager

Now, there is a very powerful tool called Microsoft Feedback Manager released with MTM 11 Preview, this feature enable customer or product owner or what ever anyone interested to give

New enhancement in MTM 11 Preview

There are very good enhancements in MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) 11 Preview, I will describe 3 of them Change the screenshot annotation tool Audio Recording Exploratory testing

A Comparison of Visual Studio 11 Beta Editions

Microsoft announce that Feb 29th 2012 will be the release for Visual Studio and TFS 11 beta,  they publish a comparison of the different between Visual Studio 11

Create a VHD and add it to the Boot menu using bcdedit command

Let’s list the steps Create a VHD from Disk Management Or create a VHD from Command line using diskpart command Attach the VHD if you already

Snapshots from my session in Microsoft Open Door Event 2012

These are some snapshots from my session in Microsoft Open Door Event 2012. It’s the first time on the stage, in spite of I give

Being a public speaker in Microsoft Open Door Event 2012

I have been chosen by Microsoft to deliver a session about TFS 2010 at the next Microsoft Open Door Event 2012, I really want to thank MEA ALM