Visual Studio 2010 SP1 TFS Compatibility GDR

I know I am late to write about it, but the reason that drive me to write about it, I just forget it ūüôĀ Really

Explorer TCM.EXE in more details

  From long time ago, I write about TCM.EXE ¬†and how we can use it to¬†creates test cases from test methods, today I will explorer

Virtualization detection tools

Some people ask me before, how to know that PC support Virtualization, of course it’s depend on the hardware and it’s¬†different¬†from PC to another and

New Features in Build Definition of Visual Studio 11 Beta

After I upgrade my build server 2010 to build service 11 beta, I just try the build definition and I found new features that give us more control over

TFS Service Preview news and links

In this post, I will keep update of all news and all related links about TFS Service, so whenever I found TFS Service news, I will

Visual Studio 11 Beta has a fake library (Microsoft Fakes)

From long time ago I write about how we can use Mole in layer isolation, for more info see the post here. But with release of

Hot Links for Visual Studio 11 Beta and Windows 8 Consumer Preview

After 18 days of release Visual Studio11 Beta (VS 11 Beta) and Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I just want to collect and share in one

How to fix existing project in old TFS after upgrade to TFS 11 beta?

Updated on March 13, 212 << Very useful links How to add new tabs like storyboard and other fixes  Upgrade project from Buck Hodges >>

Now, OceanSoft upgraded to TFS 11 beta with ‚ÄúGo Live‚ÄĚ support!

OceanSoft now complete upgrading TFS 2010 to TFS 11 Beta. Why? New features, better performance, many enhancements, easy upgrade, Microsoft will not put ‚ÄúGo Live‚ÄĚ

Install or Upgrade TFS Build Service 11 Beta on a separate build server

In this video I will show you how to upgrade or install TFS build service 11 beta on a separate build server, actually the build server machine is