Upgrade TFS 11 beta failure and it’s solution

When I start upgrading the TFS 2010 to TFS 11 Beta (Visual Studio 11 Beta Team Foundation Sever) I have the following error

Error: Package (tfs_objectmodel_x64) caching failed with the following status 0x80070001
Error TF400166 : Package caching failed. Check individual package cache errors for more information.
Error: installation failed. Check individual package installation errors for more information.

As the following image

TFS 11 Beta error in upgrade

When I check the logo I found the following error line in the log file

Error 0x80070001: Failed attempt to copy payload from: ‘D:packagesTFSObjectModelx64TFSObjectModel-x64.msi’ to: C:UsersmradwanAppDataLocalTemp2{519da648-4da6-44e1-af66-effd6d65f194}tfs_objectmodel_x64.

When I try to manual copy “tfs_objectmodel_x64”, it fails so I just extract the ISO again from the source and try copy it, it works but when I try to setup TFS 11 Beta again, it gives me the same error but with different log information in this time, it was as the following

Error 0x800b0003: Failed authenticode verification of payload: C:ProgramDataPackage Cache.unverifiedtfs_objectmodel_x64


So I knew it’s a corrupted file, so I just download the TFS 11 Beta again and the next step worked fine

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