Migrate and Upgrade TFS Collection from TFS 2010 to TFS 11 Beta Video

When I download the new VM of TFS 11 Beta which was provided by Brian Keller, I didn’t found Tailspin Toys, I used to work with Tailspin labs and business, so I decide to migrate and upgrade the TFS Collection from TFS 2010 to TFS 11 Beta, I also migrate the DB and the Web Application of Tailspin to the TFS 11 Beta VM.

When I start to work on Tailspin team project after the migration, I found that the new user accounts that came with the new VM didn’t have permissions to perform most of tasks on Tailspin team project, so the following video show how to give them (new user accounts) permissions so we can perform the old labs on the new VM (TFS 11 Beta) .


In order to perform these videos you will need the following:

You can also see some snapshots from the video,

Login to TFS 2010

De-attach collection

De-attach Complete

Take DB offline

Login to TFS11 Beta

Attach Collection

Attach Collection

Second Collection Online

Connect To Second Collection

Error Because of the old process

Fix the old Error

Team Web Access

Create App Pool

TailSping Web Working

To download Visual Studio and TFS 11 Beta click on the following link

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