What’s New in TFS 2012?- Introduction

In this series I will start introducing what’s new in Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11 ( TFS 11) or as we expect to be Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012 (TFS 2012)


  1. Introduction
  2. Project Management Tool
  3. SSDT (SQL Server Developer Tool)
  4. Team Explorer
  5. My Work
  6. Code Review
  7. Suspend and Resume
  8. Local Workspace
  9. Pending Change
  10. Diff and Merge tool
  11. Unit Testing Improvement
  12. Code Clones
  13. Build Improvement
  14. Storyboarding
  15. Microsoft Feedback Client
  16. Exploratory Testing Improvement
  17. IntelliTrace in Production
  18. Alerts
  19. Administration




I perform the Team Foundation Server (TFS) 11 Beta upgrade from the day one of the Beta release, I read many blog articles, MSDN, I also saw many videos, so I will not re-invent the wheel by rewriting what I have read or view through out all the previous period, but I will put the main point of the new features or improvement and I will put my feedback and realization about these features.

So the first question why we upgrade specially that the RTM not released yet?

This always one of my main question all the time for any new technologies or framework, unfortunately my answer was far from what I believe now, I used to trust of my experience and my existing solution, but what I found? I found that all my solutions are out dated and there are elegant solutions there, perfect, fast, easy and I just missed all of them all the time, eventually I realize the truth! the world keeping change and there are always improvement and your perfect solution today will be the worst tomorrow 🙁

The new technologies means new features and enhance for the old, some people said and new bugs too! especially in the beta, absolutely right, but ……

It’s always what you get more and more bigger than what you face of issues or bugs and you know that if you really master your tools, it’s a long story to tell so enough talk and let’s see what I decide.

So this what I believed now!

This why the upgrade is a must for me and I always waiting for it and guess what? it has more than I expected 🙂

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