First Community Storyboard Shapes of Icons and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2012

I am really happy to be the first one from the community to contribute to the Visual Studio Storyboard shapes and galleries for Storyboarding Backlog Items, I am really inspired by the Storyboard and I believe it will become the first class citizen for product owners, analysts and web designers.

For those people that didn’t know the storyboarding it’s a new feature in Visual Studio 2012 that will improve User Stories and Requirements with PowerPoint through creating a prototype and UI animated using the PowerPoint with Visual Studio add-in, and also you can use another new feature which  is Microsoft Stakeholder Feedback Client

Fore more info about Storyboaring, click here

For more info about Stakeholder Feedback Client, click here



First library, Font Awesome Icons

I like the Font Awesome so much specialy with Bootstrap, so I decide to convert this wonderful library (Font Awesome) into Storyboard icons.

Download Font Awesome Icons Storyboard gallery from here



Second library, Web Tool

I have some ideas in Web that I believe we will need them a lot in web projects, like block loader, notification bars, modal forms, confirmation modal and many other, so I just create another gallery and called it Web Tool, of course this is just the start!

Download Web Tool Storyboard gallery from here


I hope the Visual Studio 2012 galleries start fill full of many libraries from the community because I believe it will help a lot of people to produce better software 🙂

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