It’s Time to say Thank You Too!!!

The biggest prize and the best thing to give to any contributor is just simply say, Thank you or in another hand use his work and mention that.

My videos listed with Best of TechEd 2012 !!!!

My first post of the series about What’s new in Team Foundation Server 2012 listed with Best of TechEd 2012 in Radio TFS, thanks for

Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 available now on MSDN

Now the Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 available for download from MSDN Links: Here you can find the Windows 8 app developer blog Here also you

Is it really worth to have SSD?

In a previous posts, I talk about “Being fast, it’s not optional for us!!!” today I will just show the benefit of the SSD, so just see the following

Fast hardware gives Marvel ALM !!!

In the previous post “Being fast, it’s not optional for us!!!” I talk about one of TFSEG principles which is “Get the fastest hardware you have ever had” and

Being fast, it’s not optional for us!!!

In a previous post I introduced our TFSEG (TFS Egypt User Group) Principles, I mention how these Principles are interconnected with each other and how they are considered as one

What’s New in TFS 2012?- SSDT (SQL Server Developer Tool)

In this series I will start introducing what’s new in Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11 ( TFS 11) or as we expect

Windows 8 RTM available dates

August 15th: Developers will be able to download the final version of Windows 8 via your MSDN subscriptions. August 15th: IT professionals testing Windows 8 in organizations will