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Ayman El-Hattab
suggest a great idea on the Visual Studio Customer voice.

The suggestion is “Taking to the next level is a website that we created based on Brian keller’s Virtual Machine and HOLs. My idea is to take this web site to the next level by:

– Translating the 20 available HOLs to other languages and creating videos and DemoMates to explain them (So far, we have the English and Arabic ones only)
– Creating more HOLs to address extra topics and scenarios like Source Control Features, Team Build, SSDT, GIT Integration, Team Explorer Everywhere, Building Java Projects, Customizing TFS Work Items and Workflows and more)

I’m sure that by teaming up on this we can create 100+ HOLs 🙂

Please vote 🙂

That’s great idea, Ayman… we really need labs that cover tasks on daily basis, I faced many problems of resistance to change from software companies and teams for adoption of the Visual Studio and TFS because the issues they faced and they don’t know how things work. They don’t want to pay for a lot of consultation

I faced a lot of people don’t want to investigate in the MSDN and read a lot of posts to just know how it works, they just need a video that can address their issue of knowledge in a very direct way.

And here is the problem, most of the existing labs and videos just cover the new features only it’s not cover the issues that the developers, testers or build engineers may face.

I think people need two main things for fast adoption:

•     A step-by-Step installation of TFS (Team Foundation Server)

•     Hands on Labs documents and Videos for all possible daily tasks

•    A step-by-Step installation of TFS (Team Foundation Server):

We already created our first version of TFS installation guide with detailed steps, well-defined screenshots and videos, and we will continue to support and update it.

•   Hands on Labs documents and Videos for all possible daily tasks:

We already also created our videos (English and Arabic) for the existing 20 labs but we really need more…

So Please Vote with us ………… if you really want to see these labs

Vote here: The suggestion is “Taking to the next level


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