Free your mind….!

  • Don’t think who you are…..Know you are…. Free your Mind!


Know Yourself.


I have met a lot of people that don’t believe that they can do a lot of things no mater what I told them that they can, and they will never do it!!!!!

They impressed when they saw me do something new and hard that I didn’t do it before and they got more impressed when I explain to them how it’s not hard as they thought.

So for all those people that always try to convince me, actually not only that they can’t do it, but also that I can’t do it either.

They always think that ……..

  • We can’t run build automation on our daily bases.
  • We can’t do unit testing and TDD (Test Driven Development).
  • We can’t automate the deployment.
  • We can’t run the best practices of software.
  • We can’t….we can’t….
  • etc.

I already do that……. and I am keeping improve……you will not gonna believe or understand the result I achieved and where I am……

So just know that you will never be able to do things unless you believe you can do it.

So for all people that they have doubt about if we really can do that? Yes we can, the tool and knowledge exit to make your life easier not harder and it is really very helpful, so it’s all about removing all boundaries that you put to your mind and believe in yourself…… Just…..

Don’t think who you are…..Know you are….Know yourself  Free your Mind!

I can only show you the door….you are the one that have to walk through it.

And you will be impressed by the result that you will achieve!

Free your mind…..Know yourself…..and raise your potential with Visual Studio 2012!!!!

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