Configuring Multiple TFS Build Controller on the Same Machine

In the previous post (Understanding Build Controller and Build Agent) I explain that we can’t install multiple Build Controller on the same machine but there is a workaround or hack that we can use and this is not supported by Microsoft and not recommended for production environment, it will be for demo machines only.

The following is step-by-step video for the post.



Open the command line as Administrator and create windows service and associate it with TFSBuildServiceHost.exe., make sure to leave space before “=” and you should see success.  sc create Radwan-Service binPath= “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Team Foundation Server 11.0ToolsTfsBuildServiceHost.exe /NamedInstance:Radwan-Service” DisplayName= “Radwan-DisplayName”


Open the services to review the created service.2-Review-the-service-after-created

Set the Environment Variable for TFS Build Service. set TFSBUILDSERVICEHOST.2012=Radwan-Service3-Set-env-variable

Launch TfsMgmt.exe to configure the created build service and click on Register, noticed that it shows that build not configured and  this for the created service but if we open the TFS Administration Console and navigate to Build Configuration we will find the old service configured. 4-Run-tfsmgmt 5-Build-Config-for-created-service

Change the port to be different from the running service now, let it be 91956-Register-Build-Service

Create a new Build Controller for that service. 7-create-new-build-controller

Create a new Build Agent for the created Build Controller8-create-new-build-agent

Review the new service with it’s Build Controller and Build Agent.9-new-build-service-with-build-controller-and-build-agent

Review the old service with it’s Build Controller and Build Agent.10-old-build-service-with-build-controller-and-build-agent


Configuring Multiple TFS Build Services on one Machine

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