Understanding Action for state transition in Details

In this blog series I will explain TFS Process Customization in details, I will try to explain what happen behind the scene, show common errors that happen

TF400618: The reporting type of field in work item type conflicts with the reporting type of the existing field.

When I upgrade a server from TFS 2010 to TFS2013 I faced the following error There are no process templates available with valid configuration settings

How to add an account to Service Accounts Group in TFS?

When I start working with TFS Integration Platform, I face the following error:

So how to add my account or the account that will

Do I need to remove Lab Management from a Collection when I Upgrade?

This is really a very important question, so the answer depends on some conditions, if you are upgrading to a different domain or if you

Can’t keep cloned projects in both collections (original and cloned)

Sometimes you may want to clone your collection for many reason, we can use the following command: [code language=”xml”] C:Program FilesMicrosoft Team Foundation Server 12.0