Automated Customization for Backlog in TFS 2013

In this blog post I will share a PowerShell script that Automate a comprehensive customization for TFS 2013 Backlog.

The script perform the following tasks:

  • Export Categories.xml, ProcessConfig.xml, Bug.xml as CustomBug.xml and Feature.xml as Objective.xml
  • Rename the custom bug to be “Custom Bug” in CustomBug.xml
  • Rename the Feature to be Objective in Objective.xml
  • Change the Link Control option for the WI layout in Objective.xml to display Epic
  • Edit the Categories.xml to change the Feature category to be Epic category
  • Add the Custom Bug WI to the Requriement category
  • Create new custom category for the new Portfolio level
  • Add the Object as default work-item to this custom category
  • Clone the Portfolio section in ProcessConfig.xml
  • Change new cloned portfolio to has the new custom category
  • Rename the items in the second portfolio from Feature to be Epic
  • Added a new color section for the new WI Epic and renamed the Feature to be Objective
  • Add AssignTo column

So all you need to create new project and rename the project variable in the powershell script and run it

PowerShell for Backlog TFS 2013

…………… continue reading, visit the complete article on the MVP blog website

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