Upgrade TFS 2008 to TFS 2013 Update-2 step-by-step

In this post I will explain a step-by-step walk through on how to upgrade TFS2008 to TFS2013 Update-2.

Here is the flow of the walk through


Here are the steps:


Backup TFS2008 databases or just get them offline so you can copy them.

1-backup tfs 2008 database

Copy Data Files To Data Folder Or Backup Files To Backup Folder on the Data Tire for TFS2012 2-copy data files to data folder or backup files to backup folder


Open SQL Management Studio From Data Tire for TFS2012 3-open sql management studio from data tire of TFS

Attach Data Files or Restore Backup Files If You Made Backup.5-attach all the following databases

Attach All the Following Databases
6-we can see the attached databases as the following

Open TFS2012 Administration Console.7-open tfs 2012 administration console

Click on Configure Installed Features.
8-click on configure installed features

Choose Upgrade and then click Next.9-choose upgrade tab in tfs administration console and click start wizard10

In the Databases section, make sure you select TfsIntegration and you checked the check box to confirm you have a backup.
11-list available database for tfs

In the Account section use the default for the service account (Network Service).12-use network service as a service account13

If you installation of TFS2008 include Reporting like me, click on Configure Reporting for use with TFS.14-configure reporting to use with team foundation server

In my case I needed to choose the secure one as this what we have.15-provide the reporting services settings for team foundation server

In the Analysis Service, type the name of the machine and click Test.16

In Report Reader Account put the service account for reporting service and click Test.17-tfs reporting services reader account

If you have SharePoint click on Configure SharePoint for use with TFS.18-configure sharepoint use with team foundation server

Name the collection, I choose TFS2008_Collection.19-Enter the name of the collection

Configure the upgrade and review the success.19-2

Review your team projects in the TFS2008_Collection.20-examine the old team projects

Detach the collection.
21-tfs 2008 detach collection22-upgrade to tfs 2013

If there is any warning, review it and complete the detach process.2324

Backup The TFS2008_Collection DB.25-backup tfs2008 collection25-backup tfs2008 collection-2

Copy the backup file to the new TFS2013 Server.26-copy the collection backup to TFS 2013 DT Data tier



Open SQL Management Studio From the Data Tire for the TFS2013.27-open sql management on TFS data tier

Attach the Backup of TFS2008_Collection DB.28-attach tfs 2008 collection to tfs 201328-attach tfs 2008 collection to tfs 2013-2

Open TFS2013 Administration Console.28-2

Click Team Projects Collections and then click on Attach Collection.29-Open Team Foundation Server Administration Console

Click on List Available Databases, you should see the restored TFS2008_Collection DB, check to confirm that you have a backup of that database and click Next.30-List Available Dtabases

Name the collection, I choose TFS2008_Collection.31-Provide a Collection Name and Description

Review and then configure.32-Review the confiuration and Verify33-Attach the collection34-Monitor the Team Project Collection attach porgress

Review the migrated team projects in the TFS2008_Collection.35-Review migrated collection and projects


For more information about versions and options for TFS upgrade

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