Migrating data from IBM Rational Focal Point to TFS

I had an assignment that needed to migrate defects (bugs) from IBM Rational Focal Point to TFS  (Team Foundation Server), the data for the defects was as following:

  • 13000 defects
  • 9000 attachment (4 GB size)

I used the API for both, Focal Point and TFS to develop a migration tool……for more information about these APIs, see the following links:

Here are some considerations for anyone may has similar situation:

  • Reading and getting the defects from Focal Point take time especially with the attachments, also saving a work-item with attachment take time, so running the migration after finishing the tool took up  5 hours.
  • Using the API method of getElemtns crashed by thrown out of memory exception for the client that running the migration tool, so we need to get 100 in each round
  • Everything structured by Alias inside Focal Point and you need to get Alias of Work-space—>Modules—->Elements—->Fields
  • Log all the transaction so if there is any exception thrown during the migration, you could know where you stop and where you will need to continue.
  • Handel the exception very well as you don’t want to restart the process if any exception thrown.
  • As the process takes time, try to get a status on what happen by printing out on the console what you read and what you save
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