TFS Delete Work Items Tool

I created a small tool to Permanently Delete TFS Work-Items from Team Foundation Server Database, I found some old tools but it doesn’t work with TFS

Extending the customization of TFS Process Template

We can customize TFS process template by modifying the definition for different process template items (XML files), like….Work-Items, Process Configuration, Categories, Global List, Global Workflow, etc. The XML

Local and Remote Debugging for TFS Server Plugin

It’s very important to be able to debug your code, so how to use Visual Studio to debug a process? How to use Visual Studio to

Subscribe to TFS Event Handler using a TFS Plugin

There are many good posts on the internet for how to create TFS Plugin, how to use TFS Event Handler and how to implement ISubscriber interface

Quick overview about how and why to use NLog

I needed to use a Loggin Framework, every time using loggin frameworks, it ends up with wasting some hours, because the configuration that makes me feel it’s

Visual Studio and Test Agent errors in Event Viewer

You can find Test Agent’s errors in the machine that has Visual Studio Agent under the following: Custom Views —> Administrative Events —> VSTTAgentProcess, VSTTAgent

TFS Build Editors and Build Process Metadata

When we perform customization for build process, we may add some arguments that can be set by editing the build definition….. in some cases the string

Migrating data from IBM Rational Focal Point to TFS

I had an assignment that needed to migrate defects (bugs) from IBM Rational Focal Point to TFS  (Team Foundation Server), the data for the defects was

How to get SystemRoot folder during TFS Build

Getting the System Root Directory during TFS Build was not straightforward as I thought, so I decide to share my experience on how to get

How to Call a batch file from TFS2013 Build?

I run into a situation which needed to run a batch file from TFS Build, this batch file downloads some files from a file server and I just needed