Develop VSTS Extension and Configure CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery Pipeline)

  Visual Studio product team has a great job developing Visual Studio Team Service and TFS to be extensionable, they made it as a complete

Requirements (Epic, Feature, User Story), Task Size and Estimation in Agile and Scrum

Introduction Product Planning Sprint planning Conclusion     Introduction Having the right size for the Backlog items and the tasks is crucial for smooth and

Key Tips For Maintaining Good Product Backlog in Agile and Scrum

Introduction Backlog refinement trough time Key tips for maintaining a good backlog Conclusion     Introduction Backlog is living part of the project or heart

Types of Meetings in Scrum and Agile

Introduction Sprint Planning (2-4 hours for 1-week Sprint) Stand-up meeting everyday (15 minutes) Grooming (Refinement session) (0.5 to 1 hour) (1-2 times/week) Sprint review meeting

Published a quick guide about Basic Principles of Devops

I published a quick guide about DevOps , thisĀ guide will help you to understand the fundamentals of DevOps, which is grouping different older and newer

Two Backlogs Integration (Trello & VSTS)

  Introduction. Connecting to Trello. Creating automation in Zapier. Example of moving the Trello card between the different states. 9     Introduction The idea

User stories in Agile world

Introduction Definition of user story Format or a template for User Story Important concepts Most common mistakes or misconceptions Conclusion Introduction In some of my

TFS 2017 Migration To VSTS with VSTS Sync Migrator

Introduction Step 1: Getting Environment Ready Step 2: Preparing TFS Step 3: Preparing VSTS Step 4: Preparing JSON File Step 5: Migrate Work Iterations Step

TFS 2017 Migration To VSTS with TFS Integration Platform

Introduction Understanding TFS Artifacts Association and Relations Step 1: Getting Environment Ready Step 2: Migrate Introduction Migrating TFS (On-Premise) To VSTS makes it a lot

Architecture of DevOpsThoughts Project

DevOpsThoughts Blog Post Series: 1. About DevOpsThoughts 2. DevOpsThoughts Rabbit 3. Architecture of DevOpsThoughts Project   Architecture Diagram Use Case Diagram Project Layers Conclusion