Visual Studio for Mac

Introduction The Native Experience How it works Team Collaboration Installing Visual Studio for Mac Introduction Microsoft Visual Studio is a very powerful IDE, we all

DevOpsThoughts Rabbit

DevOpsThoughts Blog Post Series: 1. About DevOpsThoughts 2. DevOpsThoughts Rabbit 3. Arhitecture of DevOpsThoughts Project     Introduction User Stories & Product Backlog Items (PBIs)

Get Started Developing with Visual Studio

Introduction Part 1: Installing Visual Studio Part 2: Launch Visual Studio IDE Part 3: Create a New Project Conclusion Introduction With the help of Visual

About DevOpsThoughts

DevOpsThoughts Blog Post Series: 1. About DevOpsThoughts 2. DevOpsThoughts Rabbit 3. Architecture of DevOpsThoughts Project   About the project DevOpsThoughts Rabbit Development of the Project

TFS 2015 Agile Project Management

Introduction Part 1: Board Improvements Part 2: Build and Track Roadmap Conclusion Introduction The new Agile Project Management features in TFS 2015 provides better support

Delivery Plans Extension for VSTS

Introduction DeliverySchedule Tasks and Teams Flexibility Gaps Identification & Field Criteria Filtering Introduction Delivery Plans is an extension for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) designed

Renewed as an MVP for Visual Studio ALM for the 6th Year (2017)

  It was a great pleasure to receive Microsoft’s email announcing, that I’ve been renewed as MVP for Visual Studio ALM for a sixth consecutive year! Once

Quick Intro to Agile

Introduction Agile in Software Development Agile Methods Conclusion     Introduction A couple of years ago, I posted already a post describing roughly what Agile

Automated software testing

Automated software testing Introduction Types of Automated testing UI Testing Unit Testing Functional Testing Planning and executing Automated Tests Conclusion   Introduction Automated testing is

Introduction to software testing

Introduction Software Testing Process Manual vs Automated software testing Software Testing Levels and Types Teams and communication in software testing Conclusion Introduction Software testing represents