Introduction to Visual Studio Code

Introduction Overview of Visual Studio Code User Interface Conclusion Introduction Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s tool for source code editing and it is designed for Windows,

Overview of Service Endpoints

Introduction What is Service Endpoint Conclusion Introduction The Endpoint represents the URL from where your service can be accessed by a client application. You can also visit Visual

What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Introduction What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Conclusion Introduction Change is pervasive in competitive markets. In business we talk about the value of change, the

Difference between Continuous Deployment and Release Management

Introduction Part 1: Continuous Deployment DevOps Practice Part 2: Release Management DevOps Practice Conclusion Introduction In some previous post I’ve described what kind of methodology

Codeflyers Project

What is Codeflyers Project? Codeflyers Project: The E-Commerce Website Product Backlog Items and Organizational Hierarchy Best Practices Conclusion What is Codeflyers Project? The Codeflyers project

Manual update TFS Process Template after upgrade to TFS2015 update 3

Introduction Step 1: Defining process template Step 2: Download process template in Visual Studio Step 3: Export all work item types definitions Step 4: Configure

DevOps Framework and Practices

Introduction Part 1: DevOps Frame Part 2: DevOps Practices Conclusion Introduction DevOps is a methodology that refers to anything that settles the interaction between development

Release Management Overview for TFS and VSTS

Introduction Part 1: Features in Release Management Part 2: Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) vs. Team Foundation Server (TFS) Conclusion Introduction Release Management is DevOps

Native Cross-Platform in Visual Studio

Introduction Working with HTML and JavaScript Working with .NET framework / Xamarin Working with Visual C++ Conclusion Introduction In Visual Studio 2015 you can build

More about Azure DevTest Labs

Introduction Selecting a VM Quotas Creating VMs Artifacts Templates Scheduled Shutdowns Securing the Lab VSO & TFS Integration Conclusion Introduction Azure DevTest Labs is a