Codeflyers Project

What is Codeflyers Project? Codeflyers Project: The E-Commerce Website Product Backlog Items and Organizational Hierarchy Best Practices Conclusion What is Codeflyers Project? The Codeflyers project

More about Azure DevTest Labs

Introduction Selecting a VM Quotas Creating VMs Artifacts Templates Scheduled Shutdowns Securing the Lab VSO & TFS Integration Conclusion Introduction Azure DevTest Labs is a

Live Webinar-Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

I will present a Webinar about Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) on 15th of July 2016 Here is the details: Title: New update features and

Create your author custom artifacts in DevTest Labs

Introduction Step 1: Connect to public GitHub Repository to find Artifacts folder Step 2: Clone VSTS Repository on your local Machine Step 3: Getting Artifact

Microsoft Azure – Scheduled VM Shutdown with Azure Automation

Introduction Step 1: Create a new user in Active Directory Step 2: Specify a co-administrator for subscriptions Step 3: Add a New Automation Account Step

How Long It Will Take to Upgrade to TFS2015 with Update 1

Introduction TFS Requirements and Compatibility Collection Size based on actual data not attachment TFS Pre-Upgrade Tool TFS 2013.4 to 2015.1 TFS 2012.4 to 2015.1 In

Upgrade TFS2015 Update 1 from TFS2012 Update1 error

I was upgrading from TFS 2012 Update 1 to TFS 2015 Update 1, and encountered the following error: TF400311: The database connection strings are not

How to work with Git from command line (Windows)

Introduction Step 1: Setting the global settings in Git command line Step 2: Opening the file with appropriate exit Conclusion Introduction This post will describe

Sync between my GitHub and Visual Studio Online

Introduction Step 1: Enabling Alternate Authentication Credentials for VSO Account Step 2: Adding remote repo Step 3: Pull from the needed branch and Push to

Renewed as an MVP for Visual Studio ALM for the 4th Year (2015)

Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio ALM for the 4th year (2015), It’s really an honor to get this again and to continue being part of such a