Upgrade to TFS 2018 Has Been Done in Production

During  the previous week I was at customer site for migrating their TFS 2015 to VSTS and they would like to have full fidelity migration

Two Backlogs Integration (Trello & VSTS)

  Introduction. Connecting to Trello. Creating automation in Zapier. Example of moving the Trello card between the different states. 9     Introduction The idea

Codeflyers Project

What is Codeflyers Project? Codeflyers Project: The E-Commerce Website Product Backlog Items and Organizational Hierarchy Best Practices Conclusion What is Codeflyers Project? The Codeflyers project

More about Azure DevTest Labs

Introduction Selecting a VM Quotas Creating VMs Artifacts Templates Scheduled Shutdowns Securing the Lab VSO & TFS Integration Conclusion Introduction Azure DevTest Labs is a

Live Webinar-Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

I will present a Webinar about Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) on 15th of July 2016 Here is the details: Title: New update features and

Create your author custom artifacts in DevTest Labs

Introduction Step 1: Connect to public GitHub Repository to find Artifacts folder Step 2: Clone VSTS Repository on your local Machine Step 3: Getting Artifact

Microsoft Azure – Scheduled VM Shutdown with Azure Automation

Introduction Step 1: Create a new user in Active Directory Step 2: Specify a co-administrator for subscriptions Step 3: Add a New Automation Account Step

How Long It Will Take to Upgrade to TFS2015 with Update 1

Introduction TFS Requirements and Compatibility Collection Size based on actual data not attachment TFS Pre-Upgrade Tool TFS 2013.4 to 2015.1 TFS 2012.4 to 2015.1 In

Upgrade TFS2015 Update 1 from TFS2012 Update1 error

I was upgrading from TFS 2012 Update 1 to TFS 2015 Update 1, and encountered the following error: TF400311: The database connection strings are not

How to work with Git from command line (Windows)

Introduction Step 1: Setting the global settings in Git command line Step 2: Opening the file with appropriate exit Conclusion Introduction This post will describe