Backup and Restore (Rollback) DB and Web Application during TFS Build

One of our TFS assignments needed to extend the current build and deployment process which includes (Creating and and Deploying Web package, Deploying Database, Versioning

Install Missed Web Deployment Agent Service

When you install Web Deployment 3.5, you may missed to select the Web Deployment Agent Service, so If you couldn’t find it in the Windows

Creating and Deploying Web Package during TFS Build 2013

I have an old post that perform the same idea with TFS 2010 but as usual there are some differences with TFS 2013:-) How to run remote

Configure IIS on Win 2008 R2 to work with ASP MVC and Web Deploy Video.

In this video I will configure IIS and Web Deployment  on Win 2008 R2 so it can work with ASP MVC application and deployed with

How to include minify files or custom files with web pagckage or MS Deploy package?

Wow it was a large title any way, I suppose now to sit and finishing my proposal of my Mcs and if the Dr read

How to run remote deploy with MS Deploy?

First of all you have to know that in order to install any web application using MS Deploy you mostly need MS Deploy to be