Introduction to software testing

Introduction Software Testing Process Manual vs Automated software testing Software Testing Levels and Types Teams and communication in software testing Conclusion Introduction Software testing represents

My new TestConfig Framework now on CodePlex!

I am pleased to announce that my new Testing  and Configuration Framework (TestingConf Utilities) just published on CodePlex. This framework is a very lightweight framework

Visual Studio 11 Beta has a fake library (Microsoft Fakes)

From long time ago I write about how we can use Mole in layer isolation, for more info see the post here. But with release of

New Feature to generate test data with fluent API in DevMagicFake

Hello, I received very good suggestions and feedback from Maatren Balliauw, really thanks Maarten for your valuable opinions and ideas  🙂 the most important suggestion was about making a fluent interface for my framework (DevMagicFake),

Creates test cases from test methods using tcm.exe

Tcm.exe is an application that can be used to creates test cases from test methods, we can also run test cases with associated automation test  instead

MVC 3 Dependency injection with Unity 2.0 Video

I just create a video that explain the new feature of MVC3 IDependencyResolver which make the DI(Dependency Injection) easier with mvc .net, I used the Unity 2.0 DI

How to isolate layers and other library using Moles in Unit Testing?

Moles is one of the Mocking framework for isolation dependencies and other layer’s classes, I used to work with Moq framework and it was very

How to limit the Pex to not explorer every block in your application

MS Pex one of the greatest tool I found for automation of the generation of the unit testing, but when you Pex your application you don’t want Pex

Generate unit tests and run them with CI (Continuous integration) using Pex and MS Team Build 2010

Continuous Integration + Microsoft Pex = Continuous Exploration By exploring our code with Microsoft Pex in our continuous integration, we will leverage the full power

What is the parameterized unit tests?

Before answer this question we have to answer the question what is classic unit test? Classic unit test Classic or closed unit test is the