What is DevOps

Introduction Part 1: What is DevOps Part 2: Principles of DevOps Part 3: Why DevOps Exist Conclusion Introduction I’ve described in one of my previous

Release Management Overview for TFS and VSTS

Introduction Part 1: Features in Release Management Part 2: Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) vs. Team Foundation Server (TFS) Conclusion Introduction Release Management is DevOps

Being fast, it’s not optional for us!!!

In a previous post I introduced our TFSEG (TFS Egypt User Group) Principles, I mention how these Principles are interconnected with each other and how they are considered as one

I’m Just Professional (Agile) !!!!

One of my favorite movie scenes is from Man on Fire, actually Denzel Washington one of my favorite actors too. [youtube=http://youtu.be/izGZenABw84]   Bad Cop: I’m really sorry for the girl.

1- Hello world of Team Build 2010

I will start my Team build series. The first episode is  Hello world of  Team Build 2010, this example very simple just will show you